The ecological harmless antenna for mobile phone

D.Sc. B. Katzenelenbaum

This antenna has a small electric field domain ("a black spot") in the near zone; its pattern resembles a dipole pattern. The antenna is small in size relative to the wavelength, but it is not a super-directed antenna. Such an antenna can be used where the structure of the closer field is essential, for instance, where there is a problem of electro-magnetic compatibility, of protection from the mobile phone's field and similar cases. The antenna is a resonator with radiating slots in it's walls. The resonator is constructed from bandsas a two-wire line. It is closed on both ends, rolled in a plane spiral. The position and the size of the slots are chosenin such a way, that the field is a sum of fields of a higher order. The radiation elements in the other variants can be of thin wire. The antenna field is a sum of an electrical dipole field and other multiples.

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